Functional Nutrition & Herbal Medicine Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation:
London £150 Sheffield £120
Follow Ups:
London £130 Sheffield £100

Telephone / Skype follow ups are available.

Support Packages: Functional Nutrition & Herbal Medicine Consultations

If you are on a journey to better health, it is likely that you will need some ongoing advice. You can plan ahead and save yourself some money, compared to paying for individual consultations on an ad-hoc basis. The following plans are currently available for Functional Nutrition and/or Herbal Medicine Consultation.

Starter 1 initial + 2 follow-up face-to-face consultations
London £350 Sheffield £300


Ideal for those on a short-haul journey to better health. Save yourself about up to 10% compared to booking individual consultations.

Ongoing 1 initial + 5 follow-up face-to-face consultations
London £680 Sheffield £580

Ideal for those on a short-haul journey to better health. Save yourself about up to 10% compared to booking individual consultations.

Consultations with the Functional, Lifestyle and Anti-ageing Practitioner are normally scheduled at 4 week intervals, but when subscribing to a support package these can be extended to every 8 weeks*.

Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance® from £775 for a 3-month package including blood biochemistry tests, dietary programme, consultations and ongoing support from your Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Florence. Please visit our Metabolic Balance/Weight Management page for full details.

Our fees reflect the time spent researching your health concerns prior to your visit to the clinic, both before your first consultation and any follow ups. Some follow ups require a substantial amount of your practitioner’s time, particularly when interpretation of functional tests is involved. We pride ourselves in being evidence-informed, so we strive to make sure that any recommendations we make are safe and effective for your case.

Your fees also get you a friendly face-to-face consultation in a top London or Sheffield location, together with limited support via email or telephone between appointments. Our approach is to be as contactable as possible during the course of your programme. As such, we try to answer your questions promptly to enable you to make good progress. However, complex cases require extra support, which means that we are likely to need to be in touch on a more regular basis. To that extent, we are now offering “support packages”. If you are on a journey to recovery, you may find these work out better financially compared to paying for individual consultations. Any additional charges commensurate with the particulars of your specific case will be discussed at the initial consultation.

Your practitioner may recommend from a range of different functional laboratory tests, used as an additional assessment tool to support any clinical decisions. Sometimes these tests can be obtained free via your GP, in which case your practitioner will refer you back to your doctor so they can prescribe these. In most cases, however, laboratory testing is done on a private basis, i.e. you will need to pay for these yourself, unless you are covered by your health insurance or cash plan. Please check this out in advance of your consultation.

The costs for biochemical tests – should you need any – will be agreed with you during your initial appointment. Your practitioner’s fees include the interpretation of your test results, although an additional consultation will most likely be necessary to discuss your results and the therapeutic protocol in adequate detail. This is to ensure that sufficient time is dedicated to discussing the particulars of your case, as well as the practicalities resulting from any specific modifications necessary to correct any imbalances found. For your convenience, follow-up consultations can take place over Skype or phone.

Florence is registered with Pru Health insurance, Cigna Insurance and Healthshield Cash Plans. These providers offer many different types of policies, so we recommend you call them first to make sure that your claim will be authorised. You can then present supporting evidence, i.e. normally an authorisation letter, at the time of the consultation. Some insurers will ask you to pay upfront and then will reimburse you. Again, it probably is best if you contact them in advance so you’re sure of what the procedure involves in your case.

We pride ourselves in being fully supportive and non-judgmental, and we strive to provide a personal touch to our way of delivering a top quality healthcare experience.
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