Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine for Corporate Wellbeing

At Aquatic Natura Medica, we focus on strategic workforce empowerment through the power of functional nutrition and lifestyle intervention.   The success of any company depends heavily on the productivity and performance of its employees.  Healthy employees are happier, calmer, more engaged, sleep better and get sick less often.  Providing functional nutrition and lifestyle coaching at corporate level sets the footing for employees to adopt smarter habits – which benefits both the individual and the company.  Evidence-based medicine shows that making small, positive changes to diet and lifestyle can prevent illnesses and improve productivity.


Measurable benefits include:

  • Increased motivation
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover

The World Health Organisation has found that optimal nourishment can raise national productivity levels by 20%.  A study by Brigham Young University shows that people with unhealthy eating habits are 66% more likely to demonstrate poor productivity at work.  A Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Study shows that 75% of corporate healthcare expenses are spent of chronic diseases, mostly diet related.  The CDC identified the top four behaviours that contributed to chronic disease in the USA, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, frequent alcohol consumption and tabacco use and these conditions costed employers $28.2 million every year in productivity loss as a result of absenteeism and functional limitation.


Food for thought….


At Aquatic Natural Medica, we pride ourselves in educating and empowering employees to make positive lifestyle and dietary changes both at home and at work, given that whatever you eat, be it at work or home has an impact on an individual's wellbeing.   However, what is eaten at work constitute as much as 60% of daily food intake on an average working day, implying that our workplace diet can significantly impact our overall wellbeing and productivity!


Our extensive training and experience in corporate wellness enable us to provide evidence based personalised functional nutrition and lifestyle programmes.  We work with individual organisations and tailor programmes in line with the needs of  the  organisation and its team.  Some of the workplace wellness initiatives include:



Interactive and engaging seminars covering key topics relating to lifestyle and functional nutrition and its impact on health and wellness.  Staff can pop in at their allocated time slot or lunch break, grab a bite with us and walk away with tips on how to make simple but powerful changes to their lifestyle and nutritional intake with a view to improve their health, energy and productivity.  By offering information on the value of functional nutrition and lifestyle changes, employees will be able to make better lifestyle and food choices at work as well as out of work.  These sessions are bespoke and provide practical strategies aimed at empowering staff with tools for a healthy and successful lifestyle.


Our workshops can be delivered on individual topics or as part of a series.  Workshops include: 

  • An on-site 60 or 90 minute interactive session. These are often run as breakfast or ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions.
  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations and meal ideas.
  • Employee handouts.
  • Post workshop feedback and analysis.

Below are some of the popular workshops we run.  However, we always happy to work with organisations to develop workshops tailored to their individual needs.

Workshop Structure
Food for Energy This popular and engaging workshop focuses on the key nutrition and lifestyle tips which can boost energy and concentration.
Sleep Hygiene Optimal sleep has a positive impact on employee energy, concentration and mood.  This workshop focuses on the interaction between nutrition, lifestyle and sleep hygiene.
Supercharge Your immune System An essential workshop to give employees the tools to support their immune system.  This can help minimise the number of absenteeism, especial during the cold and flu season.
Heart Health An essential workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to reduce their risk of heart disease through simple dietary and lifestyle changes.
Stress management Stress is an evil word that can get between an employee and their best work.  Even your employees are struggling with some sort of stress in their lives.  Offering nutritional and lifestyle changes as a way for employees to manage it can be helpful in boosting their self-esteem, productivity levels and overall well-being.
Mental Health and Personality Disorders Focus on the interactions between diet and lifestyle, mental health and personality disorders.
Alcohol and Substance Addiction Discuss cause and effect of alcohol and/or substance misuse on nutritional deficiency, general health and productivity.
Nutrition Education It's important for employees to know that they can break away from their desk for lunch break. Scarfing food down while trying to multitask isn't exactly an enjoyable way to take a lunch hour.  It minimises the ability to fully appreciate a meal, which can lead to overeating and mindless eating.  This workshop will focus on coaching staff on making small and positive changes to diet and lifestyle with a view to prevent ill health and improve mindful eating and productivity at work.
Cooking Demonstrations Demonstration of simple and quick meal preparations.
Weight Management Dietary and lifestyle changes to maintain healthy weight.