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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines have been used for over 2000 years to treat conditions and restore good health. Currently, The World Health Organisation estimates that over 80% of the world’s population are depended on plants as their main source of medicine, and extensive research has confirmed the effectiveness of traditional plants as remedies.

Aquatic Natural Medica has herbal dispensary which stock medicines in the forms of teas, tinctures, tablets, creams, lotions and none of them contain any animal products. They are usually organic and wild-crafted in an ecologically sensitive manner, and made from the whole plant, producing a naturally balanced medicine that is easy to take.

Herbal Dispensory

What to Expect from a Herbal Medicine Consultation

First Consultation

Your first consultation is usually comprehensive lasting up to 1.5 hours.  This includes thorough questioning about your general health and individual body systems, diet and lifestyle.

If necessary, with your permission, a physical examination may be carried out.

At times, patients may be referred to their GP.

Other tests may be recommended.

Advice will be given on dietary and lifestyle factors which could be contributory to ill-health.

Herbal medicines may be prescribed where necessary.

Follow-up consultation

The second follow-up could take place approximately 2 weeks after the first consultation.  This is to review how you have responded to herbal medicines, dietary and lifestyle recommendation.  If it is a chronic condition, it is more likely that ongoing consultations and herbal medicine supplies will be required.  After the first few consultations, a longer amount of time is usually left between one consultation and the next.

It is always the intention to have you on the least amount of herbal medicine required to treat you, and for the minimum amount of time needed.
Any prescribed herbal medicines after the consultation must be paid for.
Herbal remedies are dispensed and sent out to you within 24 hours by 1st class recorded delivery.
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